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Friday, November 30, 2012

Enga Veetu Pillai

Director: Tapi Chanakya

Stars: M.G.R., Saroja Devi B., Nagesh and M.N. Nambiar

Songs :

1. Kangalum Kavadi sindagattum Kalaiar Nenjathai Panthattum.

2. Naan Manthopil Nindrirunden Avan Mambazham Vendum Endran.

3. Kumari Pennin Ullathile Kudiyirukka Nan Varavendum.

4. Naan Aanaiyittal Adhu Nadandhu Vittal Intha Yezhaigal Vedhanai Padamattar.

5. Pen Ponaal Inda Pen Ponaal Ival Pinnale En Kan Pogum.

6. Malarukku Thendral Pagaiaanal Athu Malarnthida Kadhiravan Thunaiundu.

Story :

MGR in this movie plays a dual role - one of brave one the other cowardly.

Ramu (MGR) is the cowardly one he is the rich man of Poonjolai jamin. His uncle Narendran(Nambiar) always thrashes Ramu for silly things and keeps him under his control and all the riches in the property. Ramu shivers at the very mention of his uncle's name and a whiplash is Narendran's favorite form of punishment.

Narendran wants to get Ramu married to Leela (Saroja Devi) who is a daughter of a rich man. She finds Ramu to be cowardice. On the other side Ilango(MGR) is a jobless young brave man, he always is prone to pick a fight and for this reason, the cause of trouble for his mother. Circumstances lead to Ramu and Ilango taking each others' place.

Leela (Saroja Devi) finds Ilango (MGR) as a brave man when he gets back the bag a thief had snatched from her. She takes him to her house and is treated as a V.I.P. Ilango is confused and does not know the reason for this kind treatment when Narendran comes in search of him.

Ilango goes with Narendran not knowing what is in store for him. He finds the opposite kind of treatment here. Narendran takes the whip to thrash Ilango. Ilango catches hold of the whip to the shock of those who are present there. Ilango now gives back what Narendran hitherto was giving to Ramu. He thrashes Narendran whipping so hardly that everyone is stunned and Thangavelu falls fainted/shocked. Thereafter shiver runs down the spine of all who were hitherto disrespecting Ramu.

Thus Ilango teaches a lesson to Narendran while Ramu learns the ways of the world growing in the village. Both the MGR's get a heroine to love, play with, dance with, sing with not before when it is known that both Ramu and Ilango are brothers.

There is a fierce fight between Narendran and the two MGR's for the riches and property ownership..

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